Twists of Faith


TWISTS OF FAITH is a captivating title for three thrillers of the spiritual life: a phrase conjuring up gaunt ascetics at odds with the world.  But this trilogy of novels: Chartreuse, Portrait of a Woman, and The Odor of Sanctity is the stellar opposite.  In a word, thrilling.  Whether pursuing an elixir in Chartreuse, violin varnish in Portrait, or perfume in Odor, these action narratives in twists and turns project our inner struggles: epic accounts of the journey here below—our spiritual saga.

  • “Not since Chaucer collected characters for The Canterbury Tales have secular and sacred personalities rubbed shoulders so closely. Roccasalvo’s characters—urban and urbane, spiritual and spirited, intricate and intimate, witty and wise—are on pilgrimages of mind and heart.”
    Peter Gilmour, emeritus professor, Loyola University.